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Na última quarta-feira (07/10), atendendo ao convide do coordenador do curso de Sistema de Informação, compareci na Faculdades Energia/FASC – Faculdades Associadas de Santa Catarina em Criciúma. Como na maioria das faculdades e universidades, uma vez por ano os cursos promovem a semana acadêmica, que tem o intuito de trazer palestras referentes aos assuntos de [...]

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Toshio’s origami

At FISL I saw Toshio doing something with a small paper and… Diego: Wow… that’s cool and really hard to do. Toshio: I also can do that even with a Trident paper. Diego: I doubt it! So, Toshio shut me up! Damn it!

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FISL last day and more

Saturday was the last day of 10th edition of FISL. The Fedora booth, as the others days, was well visited during the whole day. From the event aspect, nothing new. In the end of the day, around 5 o’clock we attended a double talk of Michael Timann until 7 o’clock where it was full! That [...]

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FISL 2 days

The last day of the FUDCon LATAM 2009 was very good. A lot of people attending the talks and lots of discussions as well. Even the visit of the president Lula [1] [2] didn’t have any influence on the audience of the presentations. Ahh… I can’t resist it… So I’m gonna tell you: We’ve found [...]

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FISL 1 day

The first day of FUDCon and second day of FISL was very cool. We had an exclusive room for the whole day and the ambassadors were pretty excited giving their talks. We got some good audiences, I mean with lots of new potential contributors, besides our already known group of ambassadors. In the morning, I [...]

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