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Time definitely flies It looks like it was yesterday that I firstly flew to EU to meet some Fedora guys at the FUDCon in Brno. At that time, September of 2008, I had just finished my GSoC application and lots of ideas were going around our minds (Me and Dimitris Glezos), mainly about what we [...]

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FISL 2 days

The last day of the FUDCon LATAM 2009 was very good. A lot of people attending the talks and lots of discussions as well. Even the visit of the president Lula [1] [2] didn’t have any influence on the audience of the presentations. Ahh… I can’t resist it… So I’m gonna tell you: We’ve found [...]

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Updates after Amsterdam

Back to Patras, Greece after one week in Amsterdam, Netherlands. That was a very interesting experience. We had some good discussions, laughs with Max’s cat called Scooby (yes, cat called Scooby), lunches/dinners and also a very busy week. I and Dimitris could only walk around the city during the day one day part time on [...]

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3rd day in Amsterdam

It’s Sunday. I just woke up at 8:00 AM to see the Formula 1 race that happened in Australia. It’s too bad that I don’t speak Dutch to know what the guys were talking on the TV, but ok, at least I watched it. Going back… Friday night, after Max picked us up at the [...]

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Going to Amsterdam

Today I and Dimitris are going to Amsterdam for a whole week hosted gently by Max Spevack. We are looking forward to see Max and have a nice hacking time with a lot of fun. That will be my first time in Netherlands and I’m very excited about it. Right now we are in Athens [...]

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