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Generic Python Decorators

The past days I came across a need to check specific attributes in a class instance before calling a specific method of it. I decided to use decorators, but my problem was that I needed to check different attributes and I would like to do it without duplicating code and also in an elegant way. [...]

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How nice was to be one more time at FISL. It was my 5th edition and it could have been the 6th, if I haven’t had missed the 2010 one. I remember well when back there, 5 years ago, I and a friend of mine took a bus and went to Porto Alegre for our [...]

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Dear (Slovenian) Translator

Last week we came across an issue involving a request from Django. A person from the Slovenian team filed a ticket on the Django system asking to change the plural equation for the translation files. Once Django is now officially using Transifex for managing its translations, this ended up here to us. Long short history… [...]

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It’s been a while without passing here… but let’s not talk about it! So, this week I just came across an issue related to how to setup multiple databases on Django. Reading the documentation I found it quite trivial to setup. After having the databases configured, you can use a Database Router, if you want [...]

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Django reverse with JavaScript

Taking the cobwebs out of here… Here I go to cite a way that can ‘solve’ the URL reversing problem when you are using a Django app that uses some JavaScript and Ajax requests. Django has a very nice way to resolve URLs based on its name and optionally some args. It uses the regex [...]

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